You can have shore leave in New Zealand if your ship meet these standards:

  1. My ship took 14 days to get to New Zealand from the last foreign port of call.

  2. There have been no Covid-19 symptoms on board in the last 14 days.

  3. No new crew member have joined the ship in the last 14 days

  4. All the crew agree to take a Covid-19 test on arrival in New Zealand; and all the tests are negative.

  5. The test can be taken on day 12 from the last foreign port of call, for shore leave on day 14.

  6. The local health authority agrees to let you have shore leave.


If you want shore leave while in NZ, ask your shipping agent to arrange for a Covid test when in port in NZ (Ask well in advance, so it can be arranged - at least 5 days, you will need to provide ID.)

The test is free. It can be taken onboard the ship. It takes about 1 hour to test the whole ship.

Results take 12-24 hours. Once granted shore leave, you can take it in the port you took the test, or the next ports you will visit in NZ

The 14 days can also include time in NZ ports. For example, if your ship was 10 days from a foreign port but will be 7 days in New Zealand, You can request the Covid test on day 12 and take shore leave on day 14.