Lyttelton Seafarers Centre

Supporting all seafarers

Lyttelton Seafarer's Centre is a charitable organisation devoted to supporting all seafarers while they are in the Port of Lyttelton. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Seafarers by providing them with a safe warm place where they can belong. Whether you want to contribute with money or time, read more about our work and learn how you can make a contribution today.

About Our Centre

Lyttelton Seafarer's Centre, located in the heart of Lyttelton, is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping all Seafarers. With the dedication of our volunteers and the Apostleship of the Sea and Mission to Seafarers, we strive to provide a safe warm place where seafarers belong.


A warm kiwi welcome

All our volunteers are truly amazing! They are the heart of the Centre and open it up with big welcoming smiles. They are ready to have a talk with anyone who would like a chat. They provide all the important services in the Centre and can help get the seafarers in touch with any religious, medical or any other required services.


Warm clothes

Seafarers often come from warmer countries so often do not have clothing for the Lyttelton weather especially in the winter months. One of our goals is to ensure that the Seafarers have adequate and warm clothing for the New Zealand weather.


With your generous donations of clothing we are able to provide these for free to the seafarers in need. 


Donations can be dropped into the Seafarers Centre in the evenings from 7 to 10pm. Alternatively email us to arrange a pick up. 

Free Wi-fi

The number one thing Seafarers want to do when they get in port is contact their families and friends in their home countries. Our free Wi-fi is available inside and outside the Centre.

Exchanging Foreign Exchange

Seafarers get paid in USA dollars so we exchange these into NZ dollars so they can buy goods in the local shops. This is especially important as there is no bank in Lyttelton.

Dollar Bills
Pieces of Chocolate with Nuts

Food and Drinks

We love to be able to give away food and drinks to the seafarers as part of being hospitable. These are greatly appreciated by all!
We also sell specialty food from other countries.

"Oceans separates lands not souls"


Requesting Your Support

Every person has the chance to make a change for good — no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of Seafarers.

We would love you hear from you about any support you are able to provide. Please contact Revd John McLister at lyttelton.seafarers.centre@gmail.com or 027 890 0308

Food Donations

One-Time Donation

Volunteer Your Time

Clothing Donations

Christmas Presents


Call Rev John McLister on 027 890 0308